The Man Art site was created in 2008. It was a private access arts collective for men only, who create
artwork for other men - generally with gay male themes.

Work on
Man Art reflected, represented and interpreted masculinity; male same-sex attraction; male
identity; culture; behaviour; ideology; thought; sexual orientation.

Man Art existed as a private and restricted access collective whose aim was to allow a full range of
creative expression not allowed on public access art sites in these censorious times.

The Man Art site however, was censored and eventually deleted by its ISP in early 2011. In its short time
online the site inspired and influenced many gay male artists around the world.
The following movie is a slide-show of the first two years of featured artwork by Man Art members. The movie contains
nudity and imagery which has adult and gay male themes.

The images reflect, represent and interpret masculinity and male same-sex attraction and culture.

Man Art 101 is proud to be exhibited in the
Istanbul Web Biennial 10
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by images depicting homosexuality in a positive light.